Release notes for MC# 2.1 ( 24.03.2009 )

1. Support of C# 2.0 and 3.0 constructions has been provided, including generics, lambda-expressions, LINQ-queries, etc. 
"Examples" contains MC# and Parallel Extensions for .NET code for simple and complex LINQ based ray tracers  and corresponding scalability comparisons.

2. Integration with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 has been added, including Express, Standard, Professional and Team Suite editions.

3. Solutions from theIntel Threading Challenge has been included in the section "Examples" of 
the distributive. Complete MC# code for the problems
   (1) Quicksort
   (2) Perfect Numbers
   (3) Room Assignment
   (4) Game of Life
   (5) Root Finding
   (6) Graceful Graphs
   (7) Mergesort
   (8) Shortest path
   (9) Amicable Numbers
   (10) 6x6 Sudoku
   (11) Search Trees
   (12) Queens and Knights
with the corresponding descriptions, additional libraries, samples of input data has been provided.

4. Support of the switches /n and /showstats for the running of MC# applications  has been added (see readme).