MC# 3.0 - 17.07.2012


MC# compilation process consists of the two steps. The first step is a translation from MC# to C#.
The second step is a translation from C# to bytecode by csc-compiler.
If you use Visual Studio 2005/2008, to see the results of the first step (MC# to C# translation)
you should open "Output" window. The results of second step appear in "Error" window,
which is opened automatically after the translation completion.

WARNING: Due to some inconsistencies between .NET 2.0 and .NET 3.5, if you
have both on your machine, you need to set PATH environment variable to the
v3.5 directory.


Automatic workload balancing tool is applicable only for Windows Server 2003/2008 and Windows Vista.
For other versions, acts a Windows standart scheduling policy.

3. SWITCHES /n and /showstats

When running MC# applications, there is possibility to set the switches

 a) /n <number>       - number of processor to use
 b) /showstats        - show a statistics


>my_mcsharp_program /n 2 /showstats

By default, MC# application uses all processors/cores available on machine.

MC# Team